Reddit AMA: #MailReady Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Supported by Vote Early Day, Molly Fitzpatrick, the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder and Ricky Hatch, the Weber County Clerk and Auditor hosted an AMA - Ask Me Anything! - on Reddit. 

An Exclusive Conversation with Morgan Freeman, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., and Frankie Faison on the Film: The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain

Join steering committee member CAA Foundation for a conversation with Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman and the inspiring team behind “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain.” The film tells the true story of the final hours of the life of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., an elderly Black veteran with bipolar disorder, who was killed by police […]

Twitter Chat: National Voter Education Week Kickoff

The Students Learn Students Vote Coalition is hosting a Twitter Chat to kickoff National Voter Education Week! @SLSVCoalition will send out questions over the 12-1pm ET | 9-10am PT hour on Monday, October 4th via Twitter. You participate by tweeting out your answers. Kickoff National Voter Education Week with us!  Sign up here so we […]

Twitter Storm: We’re Halfway Through #NVEW2021!

Join National Voter Education Week partners and steering committee members on Twitter as we celebrate our second annual national nonpartisan digital week of voter education!    Twitter Storms are a flurry of tweets where all partners tweet around a specific purpose. For this one, we’ll be using the hashtag #NVEW2021, and ask participants to share […]

Twitter Chat: #BallotReady

Ballotpedia will be hosting a live Twitter Chat on Thursday, October 7 at 1 pm ET to talk about how to prepare to vote on your ballot in this year's elections. No RSVP required. Join in via @ballotpedia on Twitter. You can find the planned questions and promo language here.

Twitter Space: Vote & Lead: An #NVEW2021 Conversation with Desmond Meade

Elections are powered by the people. So after making sure you’re #VoteReady, it’s important to make sure your community is too. Join panelists for a candid conversation on what it takes to make our democracy more accessible. From voting to redistricting, join the conversation to hear how they’re bringing their friends, families, and communities into […]

Twitter Space: Registering to Vote is Easier Than You Think

Join youth activists and leaders from across the country as we discuss the work they've been doing to register their communities to vote. Our experts will also help you learn how to check your voter registration status and register to vote. Join our Twitter Spaces conversation at 3 pm ET.

#MailReady TikTok Push – Join partners posting on TikTok

Join partners from around the country as we post mail voting information on Tik Tok. Using top trends on the platform right now, partners will share how easy it is to vote by mail and uplift tools to request your ballot. Join the conversation by using our suggested sounds and hashtags. More information here.   Check […]

VIRTUAL TRAINING: Partner Prep Party

Millions of people will be voting in state and local elections this year, and these elections will have immediate impacts on all of our lives. But many communities  aren’t actively participating in the voting process and making their voices heard.  National Voter Education Week (NVEW) is dedicated to helping you reach as many voters in […]

PARTNER EVENT: Voting 101 Workshop

Our goal is to educate students on how to register to vote and what they could be voting on. We will also be able to answer any questions students may have related to voting. Register for the webinar today! Hosted by the University of Houston

OFFICIAL NVEW EVENT: National Voter Education Week Block Party

In just a few weeks, millions of voters will be casting their ballots in local and state elections that have a direct impact on their everyday lives. Hundreds of National Voter Education Week (NVEW) partners around the country will be helping to make sure these voters have the resources they need to vote with confidence. […]

PARTNER EVENT: Ballot Breakdown: Understanding the NYC 2023 General Election Workshop

As we approach the 2023 General Election in NYC, many voters remain unsure of what they are actually voting for. This sentiment extends from policy/partisan positions of candidates to the actual roles/responsibilities of the offices on the ballot. Community members should attend this workshop to learn more about what they are voting for and by […]