VIRTUAL TRAINING: Partner Prep Party

Millions of people will be voting in state and local elections this year, and these elections will have immediate impacts on all of our lives. But many communities  aren’t actively participating in the voting process and making their voices heard.  National Voter Education Week (NVEW) is dedicated to helping you reach as many voters in […]

PARTNER EVENT: Voting 101 Workshop

Our goal is to educate students on how to register to vote and what they could be voting on. We will also be able to answer any questions students may have related to voting. Register for the webinar today! Hosted by the University of Houston

PARTNER EVENT: Ballot Breakdown: Understanding the NYC 2023 General Election Workshop

As we approach the 2023 General Election in NYC, many voters remain unsure of what they are actually voting for. This sentiment extends from policy/partisan positions of candidates to the actual roles/responsibilities of the offices on the ballot. Community members should attend this workshop to learn more about what they are voting for and by […]